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Round 6 Tyres (Bulletin 17 - IAME Series Asia 2019)

Dear Teams, Drivers and friends,


Further to the feedback we have received from you on the performance of the Komet tyres at IAME Series Asia Round 5 in Langkawi and the teams’ requests to try another tyre brand and model for future rounds, IAME Series Asia will be replacing the tyres for Round 6 with the following:

SIC Rookies - Komet K1D-M

Cadet - MG Cadete

Junior / Senior / Master / Clubman - MG IZ

We will be evaluating the MG tyres at Round 6 only for now. If the tyres perform to expectations, we may adopt it for the series next year. The tyres will be available for testing from Tuesday, 10 Sept 2019. Your feedback on their performance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter once again.


SIKC will be closed for track upgrading from November 2019. IAME Series Asia Round 6 will be the last time the series will be held at the current track configuration. So be sure to join us bid the current circuit addio! And don’t forget the traditional end-of-season party too!

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