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ASR 7 (Bulletin 16 - IAME Series Asia 2019)

Dear Drivers, Teams and Supporters,

Please find the attached ASR 7 for your reference. The addition to ASR 7 is the following:


6.1 This article will supercede Article 12.3 of the Technical Regulations.

6.2 Each Driver must submit the following unused “Race Tyres” during the Race Tyre Registration as per the Official Programme, to be mandatorily used in the Qualifying, Heats, Pre-Final, and Final. Race Tyres may not be used in Free Practice, Official Practice, and Warm Up. If a Wet Race is to be declared on the Saturday of the Event, an additional Race Tyre Registration session for the registration of an additional set of wet tyres will be scheduled on the following Sunday morning before the start of the on track activities.

Thank you and good luck.

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