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Reminder: Engine Restrictions & Exhaust Updates (Bulletin 3 - IAME Series Asia 2019)

Hello Drivers & Teams,

As we are approaching our first round of the series for the year, we just wanted to remind everyone on the new regulations pertaining to the engines and exhausts for the 2019 season!


One of IAME Series Asia’s main pursuits has always been of fair racing. Over the years, IAME Series Asia has received feedback from the ground requesting for engines used in the series to be from within the Asia zone. As such, from 2019 only X30 engines with the following stamps reflective of the Asia zone that they are competing in will be allowed in the series:

1) SEA

2) SGP

3) MY

4) RL

5) 17

6) PRC

7) JPN

The list above will be updated from time to time with stamps of newly appointed IAME dealers within the Asia zone. Drivers with current engines from the Asia zone without engine stamps can obtain a letter from their local IAME dealer certifying that their engines were purchased from them. Attached is a sample certification letter.


IAME implemented their new exhaust specifications for the X30 125cc in several selected pilot countries in 2018. They are now ready to implement this new exhaust update for the rest of the markets.

The new exhaust specifications include a one-piece exhaust with an exhaust manifold and an inlet silencer.

IAME Series Asia will be implementing this new exhaust specifications for the 2019 season from Round 1. This new exhaust specifications will be part of our 2019 technical regulations and its use will be mandatory. The previous exhaust specifications will no longer be accepted.

Please contact your local IAME dealer for more information on this conversion kit. Thank you!

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