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Official Programme, Regulations, Exhaust, and Updates (Bulletin 1 - IAME Asia Cup 2019)

Dear Team Bosses, Drivers, Teams, and Supporters,


We’re excited to kick off 2019 at the IAME Asia Cup 2019 here in Singapore! Please find the attached Official Programme, Sporting and Technical Supplementary Regulations. The same can also be downloaded at the website


Please note that the new Exhaust system for the X30 125cc engines will only be applicable from the IAME Series Asia Championship onwards, and is not applicable for the IAME Asia Cup 2019. Please refer to the Fiche 254S IAME X30 125cc with Tillotson HW-27A published on the Official Website. Please also note that the new air-box is also applicable from the Series Championship onwards.


Please note the following changes in the regulations:

Technical Supplementary Regulations

  1. Wet Tyres

  2. The maximum number of wet tyres allowed for the race has been increased to 2 sets with the following requirements.

  3. 1st set of wet tyre is mandatory.

  4. 2nd set of wet tyre is optional.

  5. Tyres must be submitted for Race Tyres Registration on Friday.

  6. X30 Waterswift 60cc

  7. The Fiche for the Waterswift Engines have been updated to 364C for 2019

  8. The minimum squish has been reduced from 0.8mm to 0.75mm

Sporting Supplementary Regulations

  1. Race Tyre Registration and Initial Scrutineering

  2. For teams and drivers who fail to complete the Race Tyre Registration and Initial Scrutineering within stipulated time, a fine of S$100 will be imposed.

Thank you and see you at the race!

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