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ASR 1 & Revised Programme (Bulletin 7 - X30 SEA 2018)

Hello Drivers and Teams,

Additional Supplementary regulations, New Official Programme, Full Entry List, Paddock Layout and Assignment, and the full list of prizes are available for download at:

Please take note of the announcements below:

ASR 1 - Round 1 Official Pump

ASR 1 has published with Information on the official pump. The ASR is available for download on our website, details above.

Summarised information are as follows:

Fuel Type: Petrol shall be 98 octane.

Official Pump # 1: Pump number 8 at Shell Marsiling located at 10 Marsiling Road, S739109 (closed on Sunday)

Official Pump # 2: Pump number 5 at Shell Woodlands located at 695 Mandai Road, S729752 (open 24 hours)

REVISED PROGRAMME - Senior Qualifying

Due to a large grid of 28 drivers in the Senior category, please note that Qualifying for the Senior category will be split into 2 groups as per the revised program available on the official website.

The starting grid for the Heats will be determined by taking the times of all Drivers into account, regardless of qualifying group.

The only exception to this will be in the event that one out of the two qualifying sessions is declared a wet race – in which case each Qualifying group will be assigned one side of the starting grid, and the order within the column determined by the fastest times within the group. The assignment of groups to the left or right side will be determined by the Driver with the fastest individual lap time achieved in Official Practice.

All the best for the race!

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