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X30 SEA Breaks 100 Entries (Bulletin 34 - X30 SEA)


Finally… the moment has come!

Race with 100 other drivers from SIXTEEN different countries in the battle for supremacy, 2 weeks from now - at Bira Kart Circuit in Thailand. Thank you to all drivers and teams for your support - X30 is happy to bring back LIVE STREAMING of the pre-final and final on 17 December - catch it right here on facebook and stay tuned for the broadcast timings!

Full entry list on


The official program and sitemap has been released and is available for download on

Additionally, please note that there are air conditioned containers available for rental at Bira Kart Circuit. The details are as follows:

  • 25,000 THB for 3 days (Friday to Sunday) direct rate from Bira Kart Circuit

  • Inclusive of: 2 duplex power outlets, lighting, and air-conditioning

  • Tables and chairs are not included.

There is an application deadline of 1pm Singapore time, Monday 4/12/17 for rental of air conditioned containers.

As always, thank you to all drivers for joining X30 and good luck for the race!

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