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Engines, Carburettors, Front Brakes (Bulletin 30 - X30 SEA)

Hello Drivers and Teams,

Please note the following important information relating to engines, carburettors, and front brakes. The chart below is also available on the official website


IAME has recently introduced a new model of Tillotson carburettors to complement its range of X30 engines. Adoption of the new Tillotson carburettors will begin from X30 Asia Cup 2018 onwards as per the table above.

A one-time promotional pricing of the new Tillotson carburettors is currently offered worldwide by all IAME distributors, valid for existing X30 owners with proof of purchase. We urge all drivers to contact their local IAME representatives to take advantage of this limited time and limited stock offer.

X30 is also happy to announce that a factory engineer from Tillotson will be present at the race, to assist and support all teams in adopting and setting up the new carburettors.


For Cadet Category – please note that the X30 Rookie engine will be replaced by the new X30 Water Swift beginning from the first race of 2019.

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