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Latest ASR (Bulletin 22 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

Hello Drivers and Teams,

The latest ASR has been published on the website and attached to this email for your reference.

A layout of the track edges where 4 wheels off are allowed has been included for your easy reference.

Please also take note of the following clause added:


The Scrutineers, following the decision of the Stewards, have the right to replace any engines or parts of the engines submitted for Initial Scrutineering, at their discretion and at any time during the Event.

The Driver in question will be asked to enter the Parc Ferme, where a replacement engine or one or more replacement engine parts will be supplied to the Driver. The engine or parts provided will be original as supplied from the factory and will be in conformity with the Technical Regulations of the Event.

The engine or parts to be replaced will be impounded by the Scrutineers.

The Driver must use only the provided replacement engine or parts throughout the rest of the Event, or until otherwise instructed by the Scrutineers in writing.

At the end of the Event or until otherwise instructed by the Scrutineers, the replacement engine or parts must be returned to the Scrutineers. The impounded engine or parts, provided they comply with the Technical Regulations of the Event, will be returned to the Driver at this time. Alternatively, the impounded engine or parts may undergo further testing to satisfy technical conformity, prior to a result becoming official.

Thank you and good luck to all drivers!

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