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27mm Gap Between Fairing and Bumper (Bulletin 14 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

Hello Drivers and Teams,


Round 3 is just around the corner – if you haven’t caught up with the latest championship standings, you can find them online at

In case you missed it, the Round 2 Race Report is also exclusively online on the Vroom Magazine website! Read it here.

Crucial Information – 27mm Gap between Front Bumper and Front Fairing

Please take note that as per ASR 4, “there must be a clearance at all points between the front bumpers (lower and upper tube) and the front fairing of a minimum of 27 mm at all times (refer to CIK Technical Drawing No. 2c).

Additionally, please note for OTK chassis that there is a new model of front bumper that conforms to this CIK rule. The homologation number is 9/CA/20, and the new model of front bumper replaces the old model with the same homologation number.

Both the relevant CIK technical drawing, as well as an OTK circular on the front bumper in question is attached to this email.

Thank you.

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