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Official Programme & Important Information (Bulletin 10 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

Hello Drivers, Teams, and Spectators,


The official programme for Round 2 of X30 Southeast Asia has been released! Please find it attached to this email and also available on the website for download.


We are pleased to announce that a shuttle bus service will be provided free of charge during the event! The shuttle bus will display the X30 logo on its left and right side.

Pickup timings are below and are also readily available on the official programme and website.

Please note that there will be no waiting time, kindly be ready when the shuttle bus arrives.


Paddock space at SIKC is open air and that teams will need to rent tentages from the organiser. No vehicles are allowed within the paddock space.

Rental Fee: S$110 or RM350 For entire duration from Wednesday 3 May to Sunday 7 May Tent Dimensions: 20’ x 20’ (6m x 6m)


  • Ceiling Fan

  • Power Point

  • Lighting

  • 1 Table

  • 5 Chairs


Please contact us to confirm the number of tents required. The application deadline is 26/4/17.


Here are the kart shipping details for Round 2. Please note that kart shipping is available only from Singapore.

Shipping Fee (two way) Per Chassis: S$150 or RM480 Per Engine: S$30 or RM100 Toolboxes: Free (reasonable quantity)

Schedule (Singapore to Sepang) Loading at KF1 – Tuesday 2 May, 1pm to 5pm Unloading at SIKC – Wednesday 3 May, 10am to 1pm

Schedule (Sepang to Singapore) Loading at SIKC – Sunday 7 May, 3pm to 7pm Unloading at KF1 – Monday 8 May, 10am-1pm

In the event of a delay due to import customs, unloading may be postponed to the following day.


  1. The application deadline is 26/4/17. We are unable to accept late submissions and teams will be required to arrange for their own shipping in such cases.

  2. Submit packing list (form attached and also available for download on the website).

  3. You must keep track of the exact location where each engine is stored (Whether engine number XXXX is mounted onto the kart or stored in a certain toolbox).

  4. The packing list should contain:

  5. Chassis number and engine serial numbers

  6. Number of toolboxes with estimated value per toolbox

  7. Attach a clear photo of the serial number for each chassis/engine in your email

  8. Take note of the loading/unloading schedule. Please stick to the timings as we will be unable to make time extensions.


  1. Karts and equipment will be imported into Malaysia on a temporary import permit. Please note that anything that goes in must come out.

  2. Teams are advised to minimise the quantity of tools and spares to streamline the process.

  3. All tools and equipment must be packed securely into boxes as per the packing list submitted. No loose items will be accepted during loading.

  4. Any penalties imposed by the authorities for a mismatch between a team’s in/out shipment or inaccuracies on the packing list submitted will be charged to the team.

Thank you.

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