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ASR 3 - Front Fairings (Bulletin 9 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

Hello Drivers and Teams,

Round 2 is 17 days away. Sign up now!


ASR 3 is attached to this email and also available on the website for download.

Please note that from Round 2 onwards, the use of a homologated front fairing mounting kit will be mandatory for all categories, including the cadet category.

There must be a clearance at all points between the front bumpers and the front fairing of a minimum of 27 mm at all times (refer to CIK Technical Drawing No. 2c).


As per the first round, in addition to the Zone classification (for all participating drivers), there will be a separate Singapore and Malaysia classification (open to MSS & AAM license holders respectively). The top 5 drivers from the Singapore and Malaysia classification will each be awarded a medal.

More information on the Official Programme, kart shipping, and paddock arrangements will be coming soon.

Stay tuned and race on!

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