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Vroom Time (Bulletin 3 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

Hello Drivers, Teams, and Spectators,

The Supplementary Regulations for X30 Southeast Asia have been published on Please note that they are provisional pending approval from SMSA.


X30 Southeast Asia is pleased to announce a partnership with Vroom Magazine!

Other than a strong presence on web and social media, Vroom is also the world’s only karting magazine in print. Everything from race reports, technical articles to interviews passes through their pages and website.

You can read Vroom online at or better yet, subscribe to the print edition at

The world’s only karting magazine awaits you. Stay tuned for X30 Southeast Asia race reports from Vroom!


For SMSA and AAM licensed Drivers, engines must bear a factory marking from Singapore or Malaysia. Nonconforming engines will not be accepted for use in the Event. Other license holders are not subject to restrictions on engine markings.

AAM license holders, please take note: Engines purchased from the Malaysian distributor have no markings on the crankcase. A booth will be set up on Saturday for drivers & teams to receive a marking on their Malaysia-purchased engines.


Team bosses are entitled to a Team Boss Pass which allows access to the pit lane, start servicing park, and pre-grid during the race. Team bosses must present proof of an entrant license at the organisation desk for a team boss pass to be issued.

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