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X30 Southeast Asia 2017 championship is here! (Bulletin 1 - X30 Southeast Asia 2017)

1 Championship. 2 Countries. 4 Circuits.


Fight for the historic chance to win Arrive & Drive packages to X30 World Final. And for the first time ever - Porsche Cup Car testing for the winners!

X30 Southeast Asia 2017 will be held on the following dates:

Round 1 - 25/26 March (Sepang International Kart Circuit, Malaysia)

Round 2 - 15/16 April (KF1 Karting Circuit, Singapore)

Round 3 - 6/7 May (Speedway Plus Karting Circuit, Malaysia)

Round 4 - 3/4 June (KF1 Karting Circuit, Singapore)

Round 5 - 8/9 July (Shah Alam International Kart Circuit, Malaysia)

Round 6 - 29/30 July (KF1 Karting Circuit, Singapore)

X30 Southeast Asia is a merger of the existing X30 Challenge Singapore and X30 Challenge Malaysia. Buckle up for a world class racing experience with drivers from around the region - It's going to be competitive, electrifying, and above all else ENJOYABLE.


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